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Inside Powder Point Oysters

Inside Powder Point Oysters

Fresh Duxbury Oysters at Snug Harbor Fish Company

Have you ever wondered where your delicious oysters are coming from?

When we say local, we mean LOCAL! Learn more about Duxbury oysters from the owner of Powder Point Oysters himself.

Recently, we caught up with Mike George to get the scoop on oyster farming here in Duxbury. As a family business ourselves, we admire other small business owners. Naturally, we enjoy hearing the stories of where they started and how they’ve grown. Before deciding to sell oysters on his own in 2011, Mike started farming back in 2002. As “one of the ‘OG’s’ on the bay,” he’s had much experience in the industry! Since then, he has become a successful wholesaler to many local companies, including us!

Their Mission

While chatting, Mike gave us great insight and a deep appreciation for oyster farming. Their busy job entails working year-round out in Duxbury harbor. Although eating oysters is so enjoyable, it’s fascinating to discover the hard work that goes into farming each one! With a goal of establishing a “direct connection to the consumer”, Mike had to implement a plan. His belief in “one farm, one oyster,” allowed him to distinguish himself from other wholesalers! Each day, he ensures that “when eating a Powder Point, you can be assured it comes from one farm (with) one set of standards.”

When serving these tasty appetizers, it is important to ensure quality product. This is why we work with Mike at Powder Point who always presents us with delicious and fresh oysters. Evidently, order them for yourself by visiting Snug Harbor Fish Company or calling us at (781) 934-8167. Be the judge and enjoy Powder Point oysters served over ice with fresh lemon slices and cocktail sauce!

Get a sneak peak at the hard work that goes into farming local oysters with pictures taken in our very own backyard below!

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